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Can't do this with Direct Deposit

You know that feeling when you wear something with pockets that you haven't worn for some time and you find that five-dollar bill in one of those pockets, and it feels like you gained five dollars?

I was cleaning my desk off and while sorting out old payment stubs I found a check in one them. I was shocked and started to feel regretful that I didn't cash it in. I thought it was expired for sure and was going to start the week pissed off and feeling screwed over. I looked at the date and started figuring how long it's been since it expired.

It was still good with 2 weeks remaining. The check was dated October 31st, and it says it had six months before it was invalid. I couldn't believe it and started to get excited. I didn't want to get my hopes up and tripled-checked like three times. I drove straight to bank and deposited it, and checked my account when I got home and made sure that shit was cleared. Hell. Yeah. I'm rich biotch.

Then my mom told me I owe her $500 for reasons only a mom could give. She probably got that amount by rounding up incorrectly. Oh well, still gained than lost.
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EVO 2007

After missing the previous years, I finally went to this year's EVO. It was awesome. Definitely going again to this shit. Third Strike turning into Best of 1 was the worst thing ever. However, that enabled MAKOTO FUCKING MIKE WAKEFIELD to beast to 4th place, so it's all good. (James, your stick mega-failed him on the big screen, we'll enjoy watching that on DVD)

EDIT: Here's some EVO Hype vids that I had the pleasure of seeing live:

John Choi VS Justin Wong
Cyclops makes a comeback in MvC2

It's been a longgg while since I posted in general, so I'll add this in:

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2Pac Rules Dude

WILD 94.9 was like 90% Tupac today, and that shit rocked. Best radio listen throughout the day I've had in years. Had plenty of listen in the morning due to that BULLSHIT 101-N that had cars packed in the shoreline area.

Got the Black DS Lite, took long enough for release. Charging that shit right now. Still regretting PSP. Anybody want to take this off my hands for some nonimal fee?
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End of the emachine reign

After one week and half of trying to revive my emachines to life again, it is now futile. It's over. RIP.

I wish I would've been able to keep so I can make backups and such, but the real reason being that now that HL2:E2 and subsequently Team fuckin' Fortress 2 is annouced, I wanted to hold off until then.

Looks like I can start my upgrading early. I dunno about a budget, I'm just going to pick all the high end hot shit stuff until I reach $3700 and then start to get to my senses and tone it down from there. Any suggestions to start? Only things I'm keeping my HD's (if they're still alive) and my DVD burner. Everything else all new.

Anyways, I see that by now many people have Vox. Meaning I can easily get an invite from one of you guys right? RIGHT?

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I don't really don't do these things and post about it (or plain posting period) but I find the Johari to be very interesting because I rarely ask anyone what they thought of me or anything. Plus even if you haven't talked to me in a long time, I'll take it as a "first/lasting impression" kind of thing.

Anyways, here we go:

Johari : http://kevan.org/johari?name=Slakerson
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Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire is easily the movie of the year.
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